Wireless Signal of Tp-Link Router Problem

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Factor that may interfere your wireless network Signal of Tp-Link wireless router

1、Obstructions. Due to the limited space in the home or office, wall is a very important factor that cause attenuation to the signal strength. It will have large losses when the Wireless Signal pass through walls.

2、Some obstructions ( Mostly are walls and Ceiling Boards which with metal) will not only obstruct the signal and cause losses,
and will also absorb the signal, this will cause the signal disappeared when pass through such obstruction.

3、IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless network works at 2.4GHz, some other wireless device also using frequency 2.4GHz,
such as Blue Tooth, wireness phone, and even Microwave ovens which nearby will caused big interference to the wireless network.

4、EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) caused by the electronic lines in the home/office

5、If there are many wireless device nearby, they will also caused interference to each other because all of them using the air to transmit data. This interference will much heavy if all of these wireless device using the same channel

6、Radio transmitting tower, High Voltage Power Transformer will cause big interference to the wireless signal of the Tp-Link Router,

7、Weather is a important factor when transmit the signal outdoor,
signal will have large losses in bad weather condition such as raining day,
or with thunder, mist, lighting and so on.

Improve the wireless performance of Tp-Link wireless router:

1、Locate the Access Point in a better place: a. A little higher, so its signal can cover most area;
b. It is better to locate a place which with less walls or other obstructions between the clients and the Access Point.

2、Using different channel to avoid some interference if there are other wireless network nearby.

3、Locate the Access Point far away other electronic device which in your home/office

4、Change to higher gain antenna to get a stronger signal

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