TP-LINK TL-WN951N 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapter Software Installation For Windows XP

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1. Insert the Resource CD into your CD-ROM drive, and the Figure will appear.

To continue, select the TL-WN951N.
There will be a menu including:
Install Driver & Utility, Install QSS and User Guide.

Tp-link TL-WN951N Software Installation

2. Click Install Driver & Utility to load the following screen.

Tp-link TL-WN951N InstallShield Wizard

3. Soon, Figure will display after a moment. Click Next to continue.

4. After that, you should choose a Setup type.
It is recommended that you select Install Client Utilities and Driver.
Select Install Driver Only to install driver only. Click Next to continue.

Tp-link TL-WN951N Client Installation Program

5. Click Browse to change the destination location for the software, then click Next in the screen below

Tp-link TL-WN951N Choose Destination Location

6. After that, select the program folder, you should create a new folder name or select one from the Existing Folders list.
It is recommended that you keep the default setting.
Click Next to continue the installation.

Tp-link TL-WN951N Select Program Folder

7. Choose configuration tool, if you are not sure, please leave it default.
Then click Next to continue.

Tp-link TL-WN951N Choose Configuration Tool

8. Wait a while for the setup as shown in Figure

Tp-link TL-WN951N Setup Status

1) For Windows XP, the Setup Wizard will notify you of how to proceed with the installation during these steps .
Our drivers have been tested thoroughly, and are able to work with the operating system.
Click Continue Anyway to continue the Installation.

Tp-link TL-WN951N Installation during

2) In Windows 2000, the warning screen is shown below, and please select Yes to continue installation.

Tp-link TL-WN951N Digital Signature Not Found

9. After all the steps above, you will see the screen below, click Finish to complete the installation.


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