TP-Link TL-MR3420 Router with 3G and Wi-Fi 802.11n — Quick Setup Capabilities Part 2


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Built-in DHCP-server allows you to view the current list of connected PCs, but at the same time set the bind IP addresses to MAC.

Tp-Link DHCP

Tp-Link DHCP Clients List

TP-Link TL-MR3420 are forwarding ports can be for a single machine, and for the whole network at once,

and also supports UPnP with the ability to view the current rules.

One of the computers on the network can be drawn into the demilitarized zone (DMZ).

Tp-Link Virtual Servers

Tp-Link DMZ

Tp-Link UPnP

Network security features include a simple firewall, protection against some types of DoS-attacks and ignoring the ICMP echo.

You can specify four MAC-addresses of the hosts of the network from which you can access the web interface of the router and allow access to it from the outside.

Here are the options for transparent transmission of VPN-connections (PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC) and certain types of traffic.

Tp-Link Basic Security

Tp-Link Advanced Security

Tp-Link Local Management

Parental Controls lets you restrict access to the network a list of previously typed addresses of sites for the machines on the LAN.

First, given MAC-address of the parent computer to which these restrictions do not apply,

and then enter MAC-addresses of the hosts from which requests will be filtered according to the time specified in the scheduler.

Tp-Link Parental Control Settings

Tp-Link Add or Modify Parental

The access control system at first glance quite branchy, but in practice is not so complicated. For a start set of computers on the list of IP or MAC.

Then specify the destinations that will be regulated access. It can be IP-addresses or entire subnets, as well as domain names by keyword.

It is possible to specify port and protocol type (ICMP, TCP, UDP). In the scheduler, specified time intervals (days + hours a week).

For example, the working week or a lunch break. Finally, create a filtering rule. Chosen group of computers,

the purpose and time period – for all the issued permit or deny access.

For example, accountants are allowed access to social networks just before the start of the day,

after its completion and during lunch. At the same time on the weekends and at night time access to a completely forbidden.

Tp-Link Access Control Rule Management

Tp-Link ScheduleSettings

For TP-Link TL-MR3420, you can manually register the static routes, and at the same time see a list of currently active Tp-Link Routes.

Tp-Link Routing

Among the useful features is a function of controlling the width of the channel used, both inbound and outbound speed is set manually.

Then, for each IP-address or group of IP-addresses to specify their own speed limit, which can be applied to the selected protocols and ports.

Tp-Link Bandwidth Control Settings

In a special section on the assignment of IP delivered MAC-address using the ARP.

Tp-Link Binding Settings

DDNS support is limited to three services: DynDNS, Comexe and No-IP.

Tp-Link DDNS

The list of possibilities router completes the standard for such devices function:

synchronized with NTP-server and the clock setting on the router, which, incidentally,

is not aware of daylight saving time in Russia, backup/restore/reset all the settings,

update firmware, reboot, ping and traceroute through web interface,

logging with the ability to save them or send an e-mail (including automatic), showing the general traffic statistics of each of the machines.

Tp-Link Auto Mail Feature

Tp-Link Diagnostic Tools

Tp-Link Statistics

In general, opportunities for TP-Link TL-MR3420 is completely modern way.

The only thing that would have cost to add – this is the implementation of more fine-tuning the IGMP,

which is supported by default. However, this router is better suited for the office, where critical to be always online, rather than for home use.

Minor imperfections in the interface (the difference between the sacred and the Russian Russian Federation)

and some oddities in the settings (forwarding GOPHER now really need someone) does not count.


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