TP-Link TL-WA500G 54M Wireless Access Point DHCP Settings

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DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The DHCP Server will automatically assign dynamic IP addresses to the computers on the network.

This protocol simplifies network management and allows new wireless devices to receive IP addresses automatically without the need to manually assign new IP addresses.

There are three submenus under the DHCP menu (shown as Figure): DHCP Settings, DHCP Clients List and Address Reservation.

Clicking any of them will enable you to configure the corresponding function. The detailed explanations for each submenu are provided below.

Selecting DHCP > DHCP Settings will enable you to set up the AP as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, which provides the TCP/IP configuration for all the PCs that are connected to the system on the LAN. The DHCP Server can be configured on the page

Tp-link DHCP Settings

DHCP Server – Selecting the radio button before Disable/Enable will disable/enable the DHCP server on your AP. The default setting is Disable. If you disable the Server, you must have another DHCP server within your network or else you must manually configure the computer.

Start IP Address – Enter an IP address for the DHCP Server to start with when assigning IP addresses. is the default start IP address.

End IP Address – Enter an IP address for the DHCP Server to end with when assigning IP addresses. is the default end address.

Address Lease Time – Enter the amount of time for the PC to connect to the AP with its current assigned dynamic IP address.
The time is measured in minutes. After the time is up, the PC will be automatically assigned a new dynamic IP address.
The range of the time is 1 ~ 2880 minutes. The default value is 120 minutes.

Default Gateway (optional) – Enter the IP address of the gateway for your LAN. The factory default setting is

Default Domain (optional) – Enter the domain name of the your DHCP server. You can leave the field blank.

Primary DNS (optional) – Enter the DNS IP address provided by your ISP. Consult your ISP if you don’t know the DNS value.
The factory default setting is

Secondary DNS (optional) – Enter the IP address of another DNS server if your ISP provides two DNS servers.
The factory default setting is

To use the DHCP server function of the AP, you must configure all computers on the LAN as “Obtain an IP Address automatically” mode.
This function will take effect until the AP reboots.


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