How to upgrade TP-LINK TL-R402M Router’s firmware version


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The page allows you to upgrade to the latest version of firmware for the TP-LINK TL-R402M router.
tp-link firmware upgrade

New firmware versions are posted at and can be downloaded for free.
If the router is not experiencing difficulties, there is no need to download a more recent firmware version,
unless the version has a new feature that you want to use.

When you upgrade the router’s firmware, you may lose its configuration settings,
so make sure you write down the TP-LINK TL-R402M router settings before you upgrade its firmware.

To upgrade the router’s firmware, follow these instructions:

1. Download a more recent firmware upgrade file from the TP-LINK website (

2. Run a TFTP Server on a PC on your LAN, and take the file in the TFTP server’s path.

3. Type the downloaded file name into the File Name box.

4. Type the IP address of the PC that runs the TFTP server in the TFTP Server’s IP Address field.

5. Click the Upgrade button.

  • Firmware Version – displays the current firmware version
  • Hardware Version – displays the current hardware version.
    The hardware version of the upgrade file must accord with the current hardware version


  • Do not turn off the router or press the Reset button while the firmware is being upgraded
  • The router will reboot after the upgrading has been finished


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