How to Set WAN of Tp-Link TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem


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Choose “Basic Setup→WAN Setting” menu, you can configure the parameters for WAN ports in the next screen

WAN Setting: WAN settings are used to connect to your ISP. Your ISP provides VPI (Virtual Path Identifier), VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier) settings to you.

In this Device, you can totally setup 2 VCs on different encapsulations, if you apply 2 different virtual circuits from your ISP.
You need to activate the VC to take effect.

For PVCs management, you can use ATM QoS to setup each PVC traffic line’s priority

Virtual Circuit: Select the VC number you want to setup, PVC0~PVC1.

PVC Summary: Click PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) Summary button and Figure will display.
Two items of VC information have been entered into the Modem for simplify your operation.
You can use it directly without any configuration.

Tplink TD-8616 PVC Summary

PVC Pool: PVC Pool contains multiple VPI/VCI sets.
The Modem can match PVC automatically and it can be plug and play.
The detailed VPI/VCI sets inside PVC Pool are shown in Figure, besides you can add VPI/VCI sets to or remove VPI/VCI sets from the PVC pool.

Tplink TD-8616 PVC Pool

Status: If you want to use a designed VC, you should activate it.

VPI: Identifies the virtual path between endpoints in an ATM network.
The valid range is from 0 to 255. Please input the value provided by your ISP.

VCI: Identifies the virtual channel endpoints in an ATM network.
The valid range is from 32 to 65535 (1 to 31 is reserved for well-known protocols).
Please input the value provided by your ISP.

Bridge Mode:

Encapsulation: There are two connection types: 1483 Bridged IP LLC and 1483 Bridged IP VC-Mux.
Please choose the appropriate type which ISP provides.

Tplink TD-8616 Bridge Mode

Bridge Mode:

PVC Pool: PVC Pool is defaulted as activated.
If unnecessary, please do not modify the status of PVC Pool.


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