TP-LINK TL-ER5120 Load Balance Broadband Routers Virtual Server Configuration


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Virtual server can be used for setting up public services in your private network, such as DNS, Email and FTP.

Virtual server can define a service port.

All the service requests to this port will be transmitted to the LAN server appointed by the Router via IP address.

Choose the menu Advanced→NAT→Virtual Server to load the following page.

Tp-Link Virtual Server
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I want to use Netmeeting , How to configure Tp-Link router?

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1) If you start Netmeeting as a sponsor, you don’t need to do anything with the Tp-Link router.

2) If you start as a responsor, you need configure Virtual Server or DMZ Host.

3) How to configure Virtual Server: Login to the Tp-Link router,
click the “Forwarding” menu on the left of your browser, and click “Virtual Servers” submenu.
On the “Virtual Server” page, enter “1720” into the blank below the “Service Port”,
and your IP address below the IP Address,
assuming for an example, remember to “Enable” and “Save”.

tp-link wirtual servers

Your opposite side should call your WAN IP, which is displayed on the “Status” page.