Tp-Link TL-WA5210G 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE Hardware Installation — Interfaces and button

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Rear Panel sketch

View from left to right, the parts are explained below.

power: This is where you can connect an outside antenna.
For this AP, the antenna is built inside, and usually there is not necessary to connect an outside one.

LAN: This port is used to connect to the POE port of the provided Power Injector.

There are two ways to reset the AP’s factory defaults:
• Use the Factory Defaults function on System Tools -> Factory Defaults page in the AP’s Web-based Utility.
• Use the Factory Default Reset button: Press and hold the RESET button for at least 5
seconds, and then the AP reboots after the LED at the rightmost in Figure flashes.

Ensure the AP is powered on before it restarts completely.