Tp-link TL-WN821N Wireless N USB Adapter AP Mode Configuration

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In Soft AP mode, the adapter will work as an AP. Suppose that only one computer in your house can access the Internet for various reasons like only one WLAN port is available on your wired broadband router, however, other wireless-capable devices also want to share the Internet.

Then the adapter can be configured as an AP under the Soft AP mode, saving you the trouble of having to get a separate access point or a router.

With this feature, a computer can use a single physical wireless adapter to connect as a client to a hardware access point while at the same time acting as a software AP allowing other wireless-capable devices to connect to it.

To switch to this mode, right-click on the utility icon in your system tray and select Switch to SoftAP mode.

Tp-link TL-WN821N SoftAP Mode

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TP-LINK TL-WR700N 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Pocket Router AP Mode Configuration

Category : TL-WR700N

When you choose AP on Working Mode page in Figure , take the following steps:

1. Click Next in Figure , and then Wireless AP page will appear as shown in Figure

Quick Setup - Wireless AP

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How to start configuration AP Mode in Windows 7

Category : TL-WN321G

Right click the Tp-link up icon to switch to STA+AP Mode. In this mode you can use the TL-WN321G as a soft AP.

Tp-link Windows 7

At this time, if your PC have Installed other network card (wireless or wire),
you will be prompted “ICS Select WAN Adapter” to select one of them to be “WAN”.
With this function TL-WN321G can serve as wireless router based on the selected card connecting to the Internet,
which will make the APs of the LAN share the Internet. Select the Adapter and click OK to continue.

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TP-LINK TL-WN321G 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter AP Mode — Statistics

Category : TL-WN321G

The statistics page displays detailed counter information based on the 802.11 MIB counters.

The information is translated into a format easier for the user to understand.

Tp-Link Transmit and Receive statistics

TP-LINK TL-WN321G 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter AP Mode — Event Log

Category : TL-WN321G

A record of all event times and messages, shown as below.

Tp-Link Event Log Page

Event Time (yy/mm/dd-hh:mm:ss) – Displays the event time recorded.

Message – Displays all event messages.

TP-LINK TL-WN321G 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter AP Mode — Mac Table

Category : TL-WN321G

Figure shows the link status page. It displays detailed station information of current connection.

Tp-Link Mac Table Function

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TP-LINK TL-WN321G 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter AP Mode — Access Control Tab

Category : TL-WN321G

Click the Access Control tab of the utility and the Access Control screen will appear as Figure.

In this page, you can enable/disable the AP to connect with the specified Mac address.

Tp-Link Access Control Function
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TP-LINK TL-WN321G 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter AP Mode — Config Setting Tab


Category : TL-WN321G

Here you can do some basic configurations.

Tp-Link Config Setting Page

SSID – Enter the SSID of your soft AP, or you can press “<- Use Mac Address” button to keep the Mac Address as your SSID.

Channel – Select the channel from the drop-down list. This field determines which operating frequency will be used.

Beacon – Enter a value between 20-1000 milliseconds for Beacon Interval here.
The beacons are the packets sent by the router to synchronize a wireless network.
Beacon Interval value determines the time interval of the beacons. The default value is 100.

TX Power –Manually force the AP’s transmitting power. System default is 100%.

Idle Time – Manually force the Idle Time using a selected value. The default is 300.